The Vale Engraving Company is a personalised gift shop that is dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to our client’s life. We are a family run company providing high quality personalised gifts. We are situated on the edge of the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales which prompted the name of our company.

We started this personalised gift shop because my wife and I both had very busy lives. My wife, Cath is a property developer and I am into the entertainment business. We have 2 children and decided that we want to spend more time with our family.

We both love working and creating beautiful things with our hands. Cath is a very talented person who has a knack for sourcing the best products on the market for reasonable prices which helps to make our products price competitive and more reliable.

I have been in the entertainment business for 17 years but I have always loved working and creating things. I love making and building things for people because I love to see the joy and happiness it brings to their lives.

At Vale Engraving Company, we make our client’s satisfaction our top priority. Using our services, you will enjoy the following benefits:


Faster turnaround time.

We know the need to deliver on time. Therefore, we ensure to deliver your orders on time.

Competitive Price.

At Vale Engraving Company, our client’s satisfaction and comfort comes first. So, we make sure our prices are as affordable as it gets. Our services have one of the best prices in the industry.


Like we said earlier, our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority. we ensure that we provide the right product, at the right price, on time, every time.

Original Materials.

We love the “personal touch” approach when buying or shopping for gift items for others and that is how we stumbled into our work. We make sure to source for original materials to use for our client’s project.

We make a difference.

At Vale Engraving Company, we realise that everyone is special. Therefore, we approach our clients in a different manner. We make a difference to every person that receives one of our products. It is with that in mind that we do what we do, every day.

Good Customer Service.

We ensure that we are always available to help you whenever you need us. Do you have any problem with our products? Do you have questions concerning our services? Do not worry, we are always here to help.

At Vale Engraving Company, we love to help our customers make their gifts for that special someone an unforgettable one. Our engraving experts are always ready to help you come up with the best message to engrave that speaks to that special someone. We love to see our customers happy and filled with satisfaction from our products.