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The Vale Engraving Company

Engraved Christmas Eve Box - Personalised Santa Sleigh & Reindeer Design

Engraved Christmas Eve Box - Personalised Santa Sleigh and Reindeer design

*Start a new Christmas Eve tradition with this special Christmas Box
*For packing Christmas books, special decorations or hot chocolate
*Christmas Eve box made with real wood in a natural finish
*High quality craftsmanship in every personalised box

We have 3 box sizes to choose from:
Small 25cm x 18cm x 14cm
Medium 30cm x 22cm x 16cm
Large 35cm x 26cm x 18cm

Start your own precious Christmas Eve tradition with this charming Christmas Eve box.  This exquisitely handcrafted item is the perfect accoutrement to forge Christmas memories your children will carry with them all their lives.

Gather the giddy young ones around the Christmas tree on the anticipation-filled night before Christmas with this special chest of Yuletide cheer.  You can have the names of your precious ones artfully engraved on each box.  Pack these personalised treasure troves with Christmas-ey pyjamas, precious heirloom decorations, or frosted gingerbread man cookies; all the ingredients of a heart-warming family gathering.
Each box is carefully made, hewn from real wood, embellished with a decorative, silver-coloured latch and bestowed with a natural appearance that has the feel of a beloved custom handed down through the ages.
Make Christmas Eve as eagerly anticipated as the glorious day it precedes, and give your kids those cherished childhood traditions they will perhaps one day share with their own children.

Order your Christmas Eve Box now because, while Christmas comes but once a year, heartfelt reminiscences span generations.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Engraved Christmas Eve Box - Personalised Santa Sleigh & Reindeer Design